Dresser sistemi di automazione e vendita

Fornitore di soluzioni per la vendita al dettaglio.

Per oltre 100 anni, Dresser Wayne è stato un fornitore leader di soluzioni integrate per la vendita al dettaglio a livello mondiale di petrolio.

Dal modesto inizio nel 1890, Dresser Wayne è stato continuamente sulla prima linea di tecnologia innovativa, distributori di carburante,sistemi per il punto di vendita e sistemi post-vendita, servizi di supporto per continuare a rivoluzionare l'industria.

E' presente in oltre 75 paesi del mondo.


In today’s fast-paced retail environment, you need a point-of-sale
system that will boost sales and won’t slow you down. That’s why
Dresser Wayne designed the easy-to-use Nucleus® POS System.
It puts the latest in time-saving, revenue-increasing capabilities at your
fingertips. The Nucleus POS System gives you high-speed functionality
in one easy-to-use all-inclusive package. It’s everything you need to
make a positive impact on your bottom line.












Designed to fit all store sizes from unmanned sites to full c-stores, Nucleus9 is a leading point-of-sale solution to manage and control your station’s equipment and operations



















Increase productivity and profitability with data that supports effective decisions.

Receive current, relevant reports easily and securely via the Internet.

Seamlessly overlays a wide range of POS, pricebook and backoffice systems.

Easy-to-use online explorers and dashboards.















EuroSINP delivers complete station management in a compact, simple to use application.

Going beyond traditional POS functionality, EuroSINP offers an extensive range of back office functions, including communication with the proprietor company.

Users enjoy the large touch-screen interface, allowing them to serve customers with speed & accuracy.

Site managers benefit from features like data warehousing, detailed accounting data reports and diverse sales support features that include multiple currency support.

Regardless of your site requirements, EuroSINP brings total station management.